Our field of expertise

We specialize in the design and production of bird repellent systems. Our products are the result of our scientific research since 2004 and are %100 effective.


Kuskovar Polycarbonate Bird Spikes

Kuskovar can be used safely anywhere pigeons, gulls, swallow, crows and more big birds are unwelcome. A few examples are windowsills, gutters, chimneys and roofs. With its %100 effectiveness, kuskovar is superior to other systems on the other market like dummies and voice based repellents. These other systems may seem effective at the beginning. But after some time birds get used to these systems and they are no longer repelled by them. In addition MORE..

  • Long Lasting
    • İt has U.V. protected formula. It is resistant to difficult weather conditions. It can be used in temperatures betwen -50 and +130 °C
  • Env. Benefits
    • It doesn't injure or wound birds. It doesn't oxidize. It is not toxic.
  • Non-conductive
    • It is perfectly non-conductive and flame retardant. It is not dangerous for thunderbolt from the roofs
  • Esthethic
    • İt is transparent and clear. Therefore it blends in and is visually very acceptable.
  • Flexible
    • İt has very high impact resistance. It can be used on concave or convex surfaces.
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