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Surgical Knife Found in the Exhaust Pipe of Plane

Surgical knives and scissors were discovered in the APU (Auxillary Power Unit) of a Boeing 737 TNT Cargo plane just as it was preparing to take off from Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. When pilots started testing the APU system, they saw smoke coming out of it. THY’s technical investigations showed that the smoke was caused by the overheating of some surgical instruments inside the APU.  The APU was replaced immediately, causing a 6 hour delay for the Liege(Belgium) bound plane.

Further investigations showed that the plane had parked near the site of the cargo terminal that went on fire the previous year. TNT officials started observing the next plane that parked in the same area and to their amazement, they saw that birds were picking up scrap surgical metal from the ground and dropping them into the APU.  From then on, they had to cover up the APUs to avoid having similar problems these mischievous birds may cause.

Kuşkovar can keep the mischievous birds at bay.