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Crow Ranks First in IQ Tests

Scientist have tested the intelligence of birds and found out the top performers to be the crows, falcons, eagles, woodpeckers and the sea birds. Quails, emus, ostriches and nightjars came at the bottom. Animal behaviour scientist prof. Louis Lefebvre from McGill University (Canada) said that the findings confirmed the correlation between the intelligence of the birds and the sizes of their brains. Prof. Lefebvre defended the low IQ birds by saying  “one can live well with a small brain too. By not being adventurous and having a slow metabolism, one can grow more rapidly. ”

Prof. Lefebvre started researching the relationship between the birds’ IQ and their brain size in 1994. He collected 2000 articles about 500 different bird species from magazines such as “British Birds” and “The Wilson Bulletin”. Prof. Lefebvre reported that the crow’s brain is 5 times the size of the pigeon’s brain. He also referred to the intelligent behaviour of the crows in Japanese university campus: He reported how these birds waited on the red lights at a crossroads and dumped the walnuts they’ d picked earlier in front of the vehicles tyres to get them crushed, ready for them to eat.

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