Trouble at the Palace

There are lots of walnut trees in the grounds of the Palace. Birds often have a feast here. They’ve mastered the technique: They pick a walnut, fly up high and then drop it so that it hits the hard marbles on the ground at great speed and then cracks open. more..


Surgical Knife Found in the Exhaust Pipe of Plane

Surgical knives and scissors were discovered in the APU (Auxillary Power Unit) of a Boeing 737 TNT Cargo plane just as it was preparing to take off from Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. When pilots started testing the APU system, they saw smoke coming out of it.more..


Special Delivery to the Prison

The guards at Barton prison noticed two pigeons with some strange objects on their back, flying into the prison grounds.more..


The Killer Nest in the Chimney

Mrs. Metin died of carbon monoxide poisoning whilst having a shower in the bathroom because of a bird’s nest blocking the chimney. more..


Crow Ranks First in IQ Tests

Scientist have tested the intelligence of birds and found out the top performers to be the crows, falcons, eagles, woodpeckers and the sea birds. Quails, emus, ostriches and nightjars came at the bottom. more..


Did Bird Droppings Bring Down the Minneapolis Bridge?

13 people died when the Minneapolis bridge collapsed on August 1st 2007. There is a speculation about what caused the collapse. more..


Underestimated by La Fontaine

Fooled by the clever fox, the black bird is depicted as the gullible creature that dropped the cheese in one of La Fontaine’s tales. In real life however, black bird proved itself to be one of the most intelligent birds, as can be seen in this photo from Kolkata in India. more..


Crow's IQ

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Hunter Crow

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Güvercin Tutuklandı.

Uyuşturucu taşıyan güvercin yakalandı.more..