Kuskovar can be used safely anywhere pigeons, gulls, crows and more big birds are unwelcome. A few examples are windowsills, gutters, chimneys and roofs. With its %100 effectiveness, kuskovar is superior to other systems on the other market like dummies and voice based repellents. These other systems may seem effective at the beginning. But after some time birds get used to these systems and they are no longer repelled by them. In addition to the physical damage they may cause, birds may carry some viruses and health risks for humans. Some examples are bird flu, sty and parasites. Kuskovar keeps the birds away and hence the health risks they may carry. Birds droppings can contaminate the exterior of buildings. Because of their acidity they cause corrosion and oxidization. Kuskovar not only saves these type of maintenance costs, but also the cost of cleaning glass windows.